Dad’s Delirious Basketball Diary — Day 2

There are not a whole of things that happen on a given night in the NBA that completely catches me off guard these days. At this point we’ve seen just about every possible crossover, dunk, long shot or block in the book. Players these days are so incredible that we tend to take amazing for granted. That’s probably why so many people on NBA Twitter were completely in an uproar when Los Angeles Clippers backup Center Boban Marjanovic came into last night’s game against the Denver Nuggets and promptly dunked all over Mason Plumlee… without jumping.

It’s not just that he dunked without leaving the ground that had everyone going crazy, he dunked the ball so hard that refs had to suspend play so people could come out and fix the rim. When play resumed Marjanovic continued to play well. The big man scored 18 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in 18 minutes.

To that point in the night I had probably watched five hours of basketball, and given my current sleep schedule I was just about to pass out on my couch. Having a baby is kind of like living inside a casino. You are in a bubble in which time of day really has no meaning. Getting to watch this dunk live was a treat. It was one of the random moments that happen throughout an NBA season that most people only get to see on Twitter the next morning because they are normal people who go to bed at respectable times. The Nuggets went on to win the game 107–98, but that’s not what people will remember. Here’s to you Boban for keeping the NBA weird for all of us jaded hoops addicts out there.

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